Alex W

Alex is a sophomore and this is his second year on the team. During robotics he spends most of his time working with batteries, but likes to work with all other aspects of the team. Alex is super excited to dive into Deep Space.

Charla D

Charla is a Junior who is interested in hardware and software engineering. This is Charla's first year on the team and she joined because she wanted to develop the skills necessary to get a job as an engineer.


Elwen M

Elwen is a sophomore who enjoys electronics, and joined the team to branch out and experience STEM subjects with a more hands-on approach. This is Elwen's second year on the team.


Abbey S

Abbey is going into her junior year and is excited about being on the team for the second year. She enjoys the mechanical aspect as well as electrical work.


George H

George is a senior who enjoys engineering. This is George’s second year on the team and, he joined the team because he was interested in building and working with electronics. He also loves working on CNC’s to see what he can make.


Bodhi W

Bodhi is a junior whos interested in robots and engineering. This is the first year he's on the team. He joined to be part of the CAD team and help with design and fabrication.


Ben M

2019 Deep Space is Ben Mills' third year participating in FRC and his most passionate year. He loves engineering and with robotics he hopes to learn the fundamentals of engineering. Ben's goal is to become an Aeronautical engineer working on spacecrafts at SpaceX and maybe even going to Mars himself.

 Alumni Jacob M

Alumni Jacob M

Olivia S

Olivia is entering her Senior year and this will be her 4th year on the robotics team. She joined the team to explain her engineering and mechanical skills. She hope all the skills she has learned will help her go into an engineering work field. She has a real passion for FRC and is extremely excited to compete in 2019 Deep Space


Will C

Will is a junior and this is his first year on the team. He joined to expand his knowledge on CAD, mechanical engineering and possibly continue managing projects.


Jacob L

Jacob enjoys 3D printing and Magic the Gathering. What interests him about being on the team is working with others. Entering his junior year, the 2018 competition season will be Jacob's third as a member of The Outliers.


Colby C

Colby is a junior, who loves to build things. This is his first time on the team , he joined and wanted to try my hand in the robotics team. He is interested in the mechanical team and being a scout.


Maxine E

Maxine is a senior and this is her third year on The Outliers. She enjoys the design and fabrication aspects of the team and also enjoys working on drive team. Outside of school she spends time doing martial arts. A part of the mechanical team, she wanted to continue to do the things about the team she enjoys such as working on the robot and being on drive team.


Toby R

Toby is a junior, and this is his second year on the team. He is excited to design and build the robot. He hopes to learn more about the robots electrical system this year.

Adam D

Adam is a senior and this is his second year on the team. He enjoys video games and building things. The reason he joined robotics is to work on mechanical design and help build the robot.


Ruby P

Ruby is a sophomore who has recently discovered an interest in science robotics. This is her first year on the team and she looks forward  to continue learn about robotics and electronics.


Dennis S

Dennis is a sophomore who is interested in becoming an engineer later in life. This is Dennis's first year on the team and, he joined because he was interested in programming and working with electronics.

Spencer D

Spencer is sophomore who enjoys robotics. This is Spencer's second year on the team and, he joined the team because he enjoyed it last year and usually enjoys programming robots.

Emmalyn A

Emmalyn is a Junior who enjoys robotics and wants to do engineering later in life. Its Emmalyn's second year on the team and, she joined because she was interested in robotics and robotic engineering.


Nate D

Riley D

Emmalyn is a sophomore who enjoys engineering. She joined the team because she was interested in building and working with electronics.   

Meadow D

Mark is in grade 10 and has many interests that would help him on the robotics team. He works on cars and almost anything with a motor, he also like to take apart anything that breaks to try and find the problem. He joined the team because he wanted to be able to pursue what he enjoys which is problem solving, and building complicated things that may be a challenge. Mark also used to play sports such as football for 5 years, baseball for 10 years, and basketball for 3 years. He believes that will help him do better under pressure, and move fast when he needs to.

Jack Y

Elwen, a freshman, does not yet have a designated role. She has had some exposure to FRC via family. In the past, she has been a generally more humanities and art-oriented person, and sees the robotics team as an opportunity to broaden her horizons, further explore STEM subjects and gain more experience with things she might not otherwise.

Liam C

Alex Willette is a 9th grader who is very interested in mechanical engineering. The thing that interests him about the team is that he can learn to program and learn how to build a robot.