Alec G. - Program Manager

The team’s Program Manager. His background and interests is that of Mechanical. He can operate CNC’s, work in CAD, and weld at an amatuer level. He hopes to expand his management skills as well as continue to delve into the different parts of the STEM team, including diversifying said skills.

Caleb M. - Project Manager

Caleb is the Project Manager for The Outliers robotics.  He was the head programmer for the Iron Giants lego robotics team for three years.  He was also the manager of the PBL (problem based learning) project in 2014-2015.  His main skill is managament, however he also has a moderate understanding of robotics, and programming is one of his specialties

Sam K. - Head of CAD, CVT Specialist

Samuel, a senior, has his Solidworks Professional License, and much more experience in machining. He has some welding and milling machine experience, and can decently operate a CNC-router. He looks to refine and perfect his CNC and CAM skills, while also teaching the younger members of the team CAD and Machining skills.



Julian B - Drive Coach, Head of Programming

Julian is a Junior returning for his third year of participation in FRC. His first year (as well as the Team’s Rookie year) and second year Julian adopted the lead of the programming team. In addition, he assisted in electronics, integrating a Raspberry Pi with the robot’s control systems, leading to a successful autonomous routine. Julian has experience with multiple programming languages, microprocessors and arduino, and enjoys the schemes and strategic gameplay element of FIRST competitions. This year, he will be passing on his lead of programming as he transitions into the role of Drive Coach.

Jacob M

Jacob is a returning FIRST Robotics Member. He has been a part of the mechanical team and the robot driver for one year. In his first year on the team he was a part of the scouting team and the pit crew. He has experience in welding, simple and complex mechanisms, electronics, pneumatics, Solidworks, and 3D printing.