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Caleb M

Caleb is a senior who has always enjoyed complex mental challenges. He joined the Outliers because it was a wonderful opportunity to work on his programming skill, and improve his collaboration.


Cutter M

Cutter is a senior this year and is excited to be returning for his third year as an Outlier. He enjoys the thrill of building a robot and the intense competition atmosphere that FIRST provides. In school he enjoys subjects such as math and engineering. Some of his favorite out of school activities are working on cars, video games, and golf.


Jacob M

Jacob is a 12th grader that is interested in anything engineering related. On the team he enjoys working on the mechanical parts of the robot.


Jacob W

Jacob Willette is a Senior at Baxter Academy. He hopes to graduate at the end of this year and study Aerospace engineering at a polytechnic institute in the North East or Florida. Jake has a passion for engineering and specifically for CAD. At the end of his junior year, he received his CSWP (Solidworks Professionals Certification) and hopes to exercise his skills in his Advanced Engineering class. Jake is participating in his fourth and final year of FRC on the Outliers and plans on leaving it a better team than when he joined it.


John Z

John is a Senior who is starting his third year on the team. He uses Illeism to present personal bias as objectivity, and works on the robot control systems. John is a fan of the NUTRONs (Team 125.), and is also known as B.E.R.T.’s (Team 133) biggest fan.


Julian B

2018 marks Julian’s fourth year participating in FRC, in which time he has dabbled in many fields, including adopting a two-year lead of the programming department, reinforcing the electronics subteam, managing design and team apparel, linking scouts and robot operators as a drive coach, and mentoring a local FIRST Lego League team. Julian hopes, in the 2018 game FIRST PowerUp, to continue to working with drivers, designers, electricians, and programmers to streamline the team's development, prototyping, and testing process to leave a healthy system that may support success in following years.


Richard M

Richard is in his Senior year of high school. This is his second year on The Outliers. In the past Richard has worked on projects in the fab lab and has become proficient at using a variety of tools. Richard has had prior experience in teamwork, having to overcome challenges in sports teams, Boy Scouts, as well as other Flex Friday projects. He is interested in the mechanical components of building a robot.

 Alumni Jacob M

Alumni Jacob M

Shavonne S

Shavonne is a Baxter Academy 12th grader. She has had previous experience with electronics and mechanical from participating in FIRST robotics last year, which she’s hoping will help her on The Outliers this year. She’s good at staying focused and problem solving. She is hoping that her knowledge about robotics will improve this year by being on the team.

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Andrew B

Andrew is a junior at Baxter Academy. He is interested in most mechanical things like cars, trucks, and tractors. He wants to expand knowledge and experience in machining and building.


Jacob L

Jacob enjoys 3D printing and Magic the Gathering. What interests him about being on the team is working with others. Entering his junior year, the 2018 competition season will be Jacob's third as a member of The Outliers.


Josie S

Josie is a junior at Baxter Academy. Outside of school she enjoys playing soccer and running track. The challenges posed in robotics interests her a lot.


Lydia E.

Lydia was part of the Outliers team last year and she believes that it was such a good opportunity for me to explore her interests in the world of engineering, specifically with electrical and computer science fields, not only with other students but mentors as well. She has looked into several computer science events and real world applications on her own time and does electrical projects when given materials and time. Being on the team has and continues to help her refine those skills and get tools she needs to be a part of that industry in the future.


Maxine E.

Maxine is a junior, and enjoys engineering and other STEM activities in school. Outside of school she spends time doing martial arts. A part of the mechanical team in the 2016-2017 season, she wanted to continue to do the things about the team she enjoys such as working on the robot and being on drive team.

May W.

May is an 11th Grader, The work that the Outliers do is great work! And people should hear about it, so they can support the students in every aspect of their experience. May wants to make sure the Outliers get the attention they deserve and are portrayed correctly to the school and the community. 


Olivia S

Olivia is currently a junior at Baxter Academy and this will be her third year on the Outliers. She enjoys being on the Robotics team because it is a great opportunity to be exposed to all kinds of engineering and grow friendships in the process. Outside of robotics Olivia is part of two orchestras, playing the viola, and loves snowboarding. 


Owen B

Owen Blake is a junior at Baxter Academy. He's been on the robotics team for one year already working in the electrical subgroup. He joined the team because he felt it would prepare him for college and his future career while also being in a field that he is interested in. Outside of school, Owen is very interested in music and other projects that involve electrical work, especially when music is also incorporated. He is excited for the year to come and hopes to branch his skills into other fields on the team.

Abbey S

Abbey is a sophomore and this is her first year on the Outliers Robotics team. She is interested in mechanics and electronics, she has minimal knowledge but is excited to learn more. Outside of robotics she is the lebro on her volleyball team. 

Charla D

Charla is in 10th grade and is interested in Art, Tech, and Nature. Team Interests are Programming, Building and Electronics.


Elaina M

Elaina is a 10th grader and hopes to someday work with biomedical engineering and flying airplanes. She is very interested in learning how to drive the robot and how it works and working with a team to create something that can complete a task.

Emmalyn A

Emmalyn is a sophomore who enjoys engineering. She joined the team because she was interested in building and working with electronics.   

Mark W

Mark is in grade 10 and has many interests that would help him on the robotics team. He works on cars and almost anything with a motor, he also like to take apart anything that breaks to try and find the problem. He joined the team because he wanted to be able to pursue what he enjoys which is problem solving, and building complicated things that may be a challenge. Mark also used to play sports such as football for 5 years, baseball for 10 years, and basketball for 3 years. He believes that will help him do better under pressure, and move fast when he needs to.

Elwen B.

Elwen, a freshman, does not yet have a designated role. She has had some exposure to FRC via family. In the past, she has been a generally more humanities and art-oriented person, and sees the robotics team as an opportunity to broaden her horizons, further explore STEM subjects and gain more experience with things she might not otherwise.

Alex W.

Alex Willette is a 9th grader who is very interested in mechanical engineering. The thing that interests him about the team is that he can learn to program and learn how to build a robot.