The Outliers' Mentors



Jonathan Amory - Coach, Engineering

Mr. Amory was an advanced robotics engineer for five years at Boston Dynamics, where he helped design a number of robots, including BigDogRiSERHex, and LittleDog.Mr. Amory also has a background in naval architecture and philosophy, which he studied along with engineering at Trinity College. He has a master’s degree in design studies from Harvard University.  Mr. Amory is our lead Engineering mentor for The Outliers Robotics team.


Ryan Foley - Strategy

Ryan has been part of FIRST since 2000, as both a competitor, as a volunteer, and as an official.  In his career he is a software engineer at FieldStack.


Norris Dale - Mechanical

Norris is a retired quality assurance engineer, most recently from the medical devices field.  His longish career included stints in mechanical, electronics, and combustion engineering.  He has supported Team 5687 since its rookie year, his third FRC team since 1998. He's looking forward to working on the team again this year. 


Peter Montano - Finance

Mr.  Montano holds a B.S.  in Accounting from St.  John’s University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Maine, New York, Florida, Louisiana and Colorado.  He is a Director at Macpage LLC, and has had a lifelong interest in supporting nonprofit organizations; as such, Mr.  Montano has been providing audit, consulting, and tax services to nonprofit organizations and venture funds for over 30 years.  He was a mentor for the robotics team last year, and was also in charge of managing The Outliers’ finances last year.


Ben Bernard - Programming


Kelly Foley - Fundraising

Long time involvement with FIRST alongside Ryan Foley, Kelly will be providing substantial oversight and support for the fundraising activities the team will employ to meet their goal.