• Merrimack High School (map)
  • 38 McElwain St
  • , Merrimack, NH 03054

Our traditional first off-season event. This is a chance to meet up with friends from other teams, try new ideas and new roles, and keep from getting rusty over the long off-season!

We are meeting at Baxter at 5:30am for a planned 6am departure. We usually get back close to 8pm.

From the hosts (Team 166 Chop Shop):

Concessions will be available for breakfast and lunch. You are welcome to bring food into the high school, just please keep all food and drink, except water, inside the cafeteria.

The event will be live-streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/robosportsnetwork.

A full schedule of events and team list can be found at http://chopshop166.com/Mayhem_In_Merrimack

Rule Changes:

Per Mayhem in Merrimack tradition, we will NOT allow alliance selections to be made within the Top 8. To compensate for that, we will NOT be using the serpentine draft. Draft order will be 1-8, 1-8. We ask that teams do not approach others about sandbagging/throwing matches to finish outside of the Top 8. Please keep your actions within the spirit of FIRST.

Per Mayhem in Merrimack tradition, we will be using a double-elimination bracket instead of a single-elimination bracket for the elimination rounds.


Please do not carry food or drink, except water, outside of the cafeteria and, as always, wear close-toed shoes. The pit area and the cafeteria share the same space, so please use your best judgement with respect to eye-protection when in the cafeteria.